Nesquik likely isn’t celebrating its big win

Nesquik has come out on top in an ad poll by the Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine
. The spot suggests that the chocolate mix
helps young bodies by “building strong bones, one glass at a time.” To claim
the top slot, Nesquik (37%) beat out commercials for Yoplait (36%) and Got
Milk? (27%). Here’s some praise from the press release: “Nesquik and other
dairy products contribute to the excessive calories, saturated fat, cholesterol
and sugar that kids consume today. Parents who want to strengthen their kids’ bones and protect them from obesity should provide kids with green leafy
vegetables, sweet potatoes and beans.” O-Kay…strange wording. It’s almost
like the PCRM dislikes these ads or finds them deceptive.
Sure, they call it the “BADvertisements Poll,” but I assumed that was a “hip”
way of saying “good.” Wait a second, is this all just part of an anti-milk crusade
by a sister group of PETA? Well I’ll show them. I just mixed all the Nesquik,
Yoplait and milk I could find in a blender, and MAN was that a good smoothie!

by David Gianatasio

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dave reports he is now “coming down hard” and won’t be taking calls for the next few hours.