Nescafé Print Ads Include Pop-Up Paper Mugs for Two, So You Can Both Scald Yourselves

Yet you'll be less painfully alone

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

Ahh, the morning paper. You've just settled into your seat on the train, or perhaps a park bench, to enjoy the morning light and digest the news of the day. But there are two things missing: your cup of morning joe, and another person to enjoy this peaceful moment of solitude with you.

Yes, the folks at Nescafé France have deemed reading a newspaper to be "a rather lonely moment." As a cure for this intolerable isolation, they've invented branded newspaper wrappers that come with pop-up paper mugs, apparently with coffee powder in them. If you happen to be near some hot water, well you're in luck! Instant coffee!

There are two mugs: one for you, and one for the person you are now sharing your Metro newspaper with! 

See below as actors convincingly use these paper advertisements as actual mugs, filling them with scalding liquid. And note the relief on their faces as they once again avoid another moment of being totally and inescapably alone. 

Via Ads of the World.


Client: Nescafé

Agency: Geometry Global, Paris

Chief Executive Officer: Reza Ghaem-Maghami

Executive Creative Director: Yvan Hiot

International Creative Director: Patrick Sullivan

Art Director: Nicolas Gagner

Copywriter: Romain R. Nonis

Account Manager: Margaux Delacommune

Art Director: David Lin

Art Buyer: Annette Hallum

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide Creative Director: Michael Kutschinski

Designer: Olivier Brechon

Print Manager: Karine Prigent, Redworks

Media Planner: Severine Bernelin, Neo

Production: Ateliers Marina, Marsellus

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.