Need a little help before Super Tuesday?

With Fred Thompson out of the race and Jerry Orbach still dead, whom should I support for president? An AdFreak endorsement could tip the scales, though which way is anybody’s guess. This site is sort of helpful. You enter your stance on two-dozen hot-button issues (death penalty, torture, wiretapping, etc.), and it ranks the candidates according to how closely their positions match yours. This is tricky, because like all right-minded Americans, I support the death penalty, torture and wiretapping, as long as that stuff’s being done to someone else. Actually, I tend to vacillate between extremes. At first I indicated my strong opposition to all the choices, and the site selected Ron Paul as my candidate. When I indicated strong support for all the issues, Hilary Clinton topped the stack. The conclusion is obvious: A Clinton/Paul ticket would be unbeatable. Full disclosure: When I typed in my real stances, the closest match (among all candidates, even those who dropped out) was … Dennis Kucinich. I feel dirty.

—Posted by David Gianatasio