Name the FleetCenter for a day

FleetcenterAfter acquiring FleetBoston Financial last year, Bank of America gave up the naming rights to the FleetCenter in Boston. As it searches for a new name sponsor, the arena is auctioning off “naming rights for a day” on eBay, with proceeds going to charity. (Here’s the eBay listing for Feb. 22—there are many other days available, too.) The winning name appears on the Jumbotron during Celtics games, on the FleetCenter’s Web site and on the message that greets callers to the automated phone system.

Things got a little hairy this week when Drew Curtis, the man behind, a kind of offbeat-news clearinghouse and definitely one of the funniest Web sites in the world, claimed to have won the auction for Feb. 28 with a bid of $2,550. Curtis said he wanted to rename the arena the “ Duke Sucks Center,” but that was rejected. Other ideas suggested by readers: the Abe Vigoda Memorial Center and the Farkatorium.

Hopefully one of the Boston ad agencies is on top of this. The HillHollidayConnorsCosmopoulosCenter has a nice ring to it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd