Must you use social media to understand it?


News that Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners founder Jon Bond is joining a social-media agency is surely a sign of the times. After all, Facebook has more than 500 million members, and the ad industry seems to spend most of its time tweeting. Bond tells The New York Times that he's a huge believer in the power of social media. Not so much for himself, however. Bond doesn't seem to have an active Twitter account. There's one registered to Jon Bond as @jbondkbcom. It follows a single person, Omnibus PG CEO Patricia Gottesman, and was updated a single time, in April 2009: "i am trying to figure out why twitter is so BIG." Bond is not that much into Facebook, either, where he has 54 friends and last posted to his wall in November 2009, when he asked for votes for Adweek's ad executive of the decade award. He hasn't uploaded any photos other than three different profile pictures, which are professional headshots. He doesn't appear to have an active blog, or Foursquare, Tumblr or Flickr accounts. He does use LinkedIn, where he boasts 177 connections and a single recommendation—from Gottesman. Now, there is a good argument that social media—maybe all digital—has been too mired in tactics rather than strategy. But you have to wonder if marketers who are desperately trying to make sense of social media wouldn't want counsel coming from someone who uses it at least somewhat regularly.