Movie Stars From Iconic Scenes Stare Right at You in FX’s Intense, Eerie Promos

Neat trick by Imaginary Forces

How would you feel if, during high-tension moments in your favorite movies, the cameras cut to slow motion and the lead actors turned to stare right at you?

Now you might find out, thanks to a new campaign from Fox Entertainment's movie channel, FXM. Production company Imaginary Forces took key frames from films that are slated to air on the network, and then used 3-D animation techniques to manipulate the characters' faces so they'd be looking at the camera.

The 10 spots, which are 20 seconds each, are loosely tied together under FX's "Fearless" positioning, which the behind-the-scenes video says allowed Imaginary Forces to "get strange" in its approach to teasing the network's programming.

Some of the cuts are more effective than others. Daniel Craig's scene from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is particularly eerie. Will Ferrell's from Step Brothers is particularly funny. None actually captures fear quite as well as Kevin Bacon's in X-Men: First Class. Jesse Eisenberg's in The Social Network might take the cake for most creepy (or maybe it's just the whole idea of Facebook ruling the world that's still unsettling).

Regardless, it's a nifty experiment. As for whether it'll make you want to watch any of the movies again—let's just say Bruce Willis's character in the Sixth Sense is still dead.

NOTE: The full videos have been removed.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.