Movie Crowdsources 87 Posters Through Instagram

Experimental marketing for an experimental film

Behold the world's first crowdsourced movie-poster campaign created through Instagram! It's the pinnacle of creative achievement! Sigh … humankind's obsession with the ubiquitous photo app continues, this time in Canada, where ad agency Taxi teamed with the Instagramers Montreal collective to create 87 posters promoting the new film J'Espère Que Tu Vas Bien, which roughly translates to Instagram Isn't So Great. Actually, it means I Hope You're Well, and the number of posters corresponds to the 87-minute running time of the movie, an experimental piece—entirely improvised, with no script written beforehand—that follows two friends as they saunter around Montreal. The Instagramers walked for 87 minutes, visiting locations used in the film, and submitted more than 600 shots all told. The ones I've seen look about as you'd expect: filtered, stylized images of random people and places, some evocative, others banal. The approach works well enough, given the artsy nature of J'Espère Que Tu Vas Bien, and I wouldn't mind seeing it adapted for the next Michael Bay blockbuster. When it comes to exploding helicopters and supermodels slinging bazookas, 87 posters should be about right. Via Co.Create. See a gallery of 12 of the 87 posters here:

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