Mountain Dew: elixir for the ages

More Mountain Dew news (see below)—maybe. Several videos have made their way onto YouTube over the last few days featuring an elderly woman named Sue Teller, hosting a series called, "Do Your Own Adventure." They are so amateurish there’s also something strangely professional about them (like the moment, in the one above on how to create a mashup, where she pulls an Afghan off a table to reveal her two turntables). At any rate, though old-ladies-as-hipsters is nothing new, there’s something pitch-perfect about these. As for the Mountain Dew connection, Ms. Teller is drinking it throughout and the closing sign-off says "Promotional consideration provided by Mountain Dew" but that hardly makes it definitive that this is actually produced by Mountain Dew. Via Strategic Public Relations which found it on Mashuptown.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor