Mostly, life takes weird sandwiches

Each time this Visa commercial airs during the Olympics (and it seems like it’s aired several thousand times already), I have to laugh at the guy who eats the enormous hamburger. He’s meant to illustrate that life takes determination (along with about half a cow, evidently). This must be what Visa meant when it said it wanted to show “little universal truth moments.” Who among us hasn’t wolfed down a five-pound burger, then sighed in pain/victory afterwards? But it turns out this isn’t the only strange sandwich in the campaign. I visited this morning, just to see if it was live, and it is—it features little video clips of more “little universal truth moments.” And one of them involves a guy spicing up his turkey sandwich by stuffing big handfuls of corn chips into it. “Life takes texture,” says the tag on this little vignette. Whatever else it takes, it’s clear that life takes unconventional eating habits. One piece of good news: Unless I’m missing it, none of the 50 or so clips show guys having a pillow fight. UPDATE: Maybe pillow fights are little universal truth moments after all!