More Honest Titles for This Year’s Best-Picture Oscar Nominees

College Humor's annual prank

College Humor has unveiled its annual "Honest Titles" gallery of parody movie posters, suggesting more accurate names for this year's Oscar-nominated films. You don't need to be familiar with the flicks to enjoy the send-ups (but it probably helps). Lincoln has been retitled Daniel Day-Lewis Wants an Oscar. Django Unchained becomes Inglorious Bastards: Slavery Edition. Zero Dark Thirty morphs into Call of Duty: Al Qaeda. (The poster for the latter reminds us twice that the film is not The Hurt Locker. Ha! ha! Hurt Locker—funny name.) My favorite entry is Amour, reimagined simply as French, "a film directed by a French Person," starring at least three "French Persons" and "winner of a French Award." Suck it, France! Much like the Academy voters, I haven't seen any of the nominated films, and now I don't have to. If I'm at an Oscar-themed cocktail party (hey, it could happen) and the conversation turns to Life of Pi, I can wink conspiratorially and quip, "From the book your mom read," and be celebrated for my cinematic wit. As for the Argo spoof snarkily positing that "Ben Afleck thinks we are going to forget Daredevil," well, judging from the film's triumphs at last night's Golden Globes, I guess we have.