More gross-out news: Snake found in cereal box

Oooooh, I get it. It’s “gross things in food” season, and we have yet another example. It was reported in the U.K. yesterday that a 5-year-old lad opened a box of Golden Puffs cereal, and a snake—a real snake!—popped out. The incident has all but killed the family’s appetite, and they may “pursue it further,” they told journalists. The snake in question was determined to be a 2-foot long corn snake, which was kept as a pet in England, authorities said. This should not take too long to figure out: who is missing his pet snake Mr. Slithers, and who thought it would be really, really funny to put him in a cereal box?  I think this case could be solved with a simple reward, unlike the famous finger-in-the-chili ruse that was done to Wendy’s recently. (Hey, did you hear that the suspect’s husband was just arrested on a whole different set of charges?) At least the little guy didn’t actually try to eat part of the foreign object, like this poor fellow who thought a severed finger was part of his chocolate custard.

—Posted by Celeste Ward

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