Mom always said, don’t play on the tracks

There’s a PSA for almost everything these days. Here’s one from a railroad company, CSX, warning college students at the University of Delaware not to play on the tracks. (Click the image to enlarge.) The squashed bug in the center of the coaster stands in for your typical Delaware college student. The copy around the edge reads, “If you’re thinking of walking on train tracks, don’t.” In Newark, Del., 17 people have been struck by trains—eight fatally—on the CSX line since 1994. But CSX says the campaign will be worth it if it saves just one more person from the same fate. In another part of the campaign, CSX has hired people to approach students in bars, silently hand them a business card and walk away. The cards read, “Trains don’t make a sound when they come up behind you. Stay off the tracks.” Creepy. There’s also T-shirts, including one that says, somewhat nonsensically, “Girls don’t like flat guys.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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