Mobile ESPN gets a dubious endorsement

For those of you still desperately seeking Mobile ESPN users, I found one: Regis Philbin. It seems a fellow Notre Dame fan sent ol’ Reeg a phone loaded up with his fave sports teams’ stats and alma mater’s fight song, and boy did ESPN Mobile reap the benefits. The phone got about 10 minutes of airtime on this morning’s Live With Regis and Kelly. Not that it was all good. Anyone looking for ease of use might have gotten the impression that this phone is harder to operate than some others, what with all the fumbling the septegenarian TV host did trying to get the thing out of its box and show off its features. Of course, I blame Regis. He didn’t quite seem to grasp the concept of a personalized ringtone or video phone, leaving me to wonder if he answers calls with a hearty, “Ahoy, ahoy!”

—Posted by Deanna Zammit