Mitsubishi Identifies Your Most Pretentious Facebook Friends, and Runs Them Over

App smashes profile pics

Here's an app for anyone who's daydreamed about mowing down annoying Facebook friends with large, fast-moving vehicles. "Mitsubishi Unpretentious" analyzes content from your friends' Facebook pages to determine your most pretentious friend—and then runs him or her over with a speeding 2013 Outlander Sport. Even though it was just his photo, it was shocking to see a vaguely remembered high-school friend get blown to smithereens in the middle of a desert. (It was also weird that the app thought a note about his daughter's water-polo game was pretentious, when it was actually sort of sweet.) Still, while the algorithm is not infallible, it's also not always wrong. After destroying Tony, it offered me five more friends I might want to run over—and one of them, I have to say, was spot on. William Gelner, executive creative director at 180LA, explains the campaign's impetus: "For many, social media has become a way to brag or show off. From posting images of expensive meals or wine they've had to exotic vacations they're on, this is an epidemic, and it's running rampant. This is weird, considering the economic climate we're in. Mitsubishi, a car with great design but at a more down-to-earth price, felt compelled to make a statement in-line with their brand ethos." And waste some people in the process. Check out the TV spot from the campaign, and credits for the Facebook app, after the jump.