‘Minority Report’ is one small step closer

Eye-scanning outdoor advertising edges ever closer to reality with the introduction of “WOWvx” 3-D Philips displays, which don’t require 3-D glasses and thus can grab passersby (see simulated agency-fantasy photo). The display was shown in Los Angeles on Tuesday, but the first real-world installation is at the Holland Casino in the Netherlands, Philips’ home turf (where, one would suppose, 3-D porn will soon be pioneered—you can imagine what they’ll do with breasts and phalluses). The casino’s first spot should remind 3-D devotees such as Albert Brooks—who made a funny short on corny 3-D technique—of the old legacy: In it, “a roulette ball seems to roll out of the screen and chips fly towards you,” according to the release. A Mega Million Jackpot promotion is next, also in Holland. The technology won an award from (who knew?) the Society for Information Display, which AdFreak is praying is not composed only of the PR department at Philips. It comes out for point-of-sale and other ad purposes in October, but don’t expect a consumer version soon. The displays use an electronic version of the lenticular technology that’s been winking and blinking at us in print forever, but that requires a conversion of the material. The exciting prospect is for computer-generated 3-D animation, which can be reproduced in a “2-D-plus-depth” format. So if Minority Report isn’t the future, the sky falling with Chicken Little certainly is.

—Posted by Gregory Solman

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