Mini Coupe and Unsavory Characters Travel the World

Brand's short films celebrate 'unwise adventures'

Somehow, I missed this campaign for the new Mini Coupe back when it debuted in late summer, but it's worth giving the work a belated nod. The sporty Mini is being shilled under the tagline, “Another day. Another adventure.” So to back it up in a literal fashion, Mini partnered with agency BSUR Amsterdam and Vice magazine to create three short films: Wednesday in Hong Kong, Tuesday in Iceland, and Sunday in Rio. You can check out an intro clip below, with the three films after the jump. They’re cute vignettes but could use a few more car tricks—particularly in Iceland, which unlike Rio’s jaunty ride through carnival dancers and Hong Kong’s stunt parachuting, gives us creepy hitchhikers, no resolution, and no awesome Mini stunts. Taking the campaign to the real world, you can join the Facebook contest to go on your own odyssey to all the wrong places, hopefully being youthfully adventurous in a fun way and not in the picking-up-hitchhiking-serial-killers way.