Mini Cooper bares heart to do-gooders

Dear Mini,
   The thing is, I already liked you. No, I already loved you. Your good looks, your fearless handling. The way it seems so right when I hook you up to my iPod. Sure, you’re my brother’s car, but still I worship you from the dashboard of my bland beige Toyota Camry. Now I find out that you’re more than just style, you have heart. Not in a Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, Brian’s Song way, but in a hunk who rescues puppies from the shelter kind of way. At, your call to “Be a bunch of good-for-somethings” makes me feel good about diverting energy to my climate-controlled glove box because I can use it to deliver Meals on Wheels. Would the Jaguar XK urge me to mentor an underprivileged youth? Only if one of our "fun" activities included waxing its bumper. Plus, your site offers to hook me up with one of 37,000 volunteer opportunities nationwide via VolunteerMatch. Hey, maybe I’ll throw over my sensible four-door and get one of the limited edition 214 HP Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP kits, whatever that is. Can driving a non-hybrid car make you a better person? Only if your car’s marketing materials say so.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit