Michael Vick’s dogs get their own TV show

As if we needed any more proof that Western Civilization is in decline (or that the writers strike has gone on way too long), it appears that Michael Vick’s dogfighting dogs are getting a reality show. National Geographic Channel’s Dogtown will “spend the next few months documenting the attempted rehabilitation of 22 dogs that belonged to [the] jailed Atlanta Falcons quarterback,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The series will focus on four of the toughest cases as the experts at Dogtown try to ‘resocialize’ these seriously aggressive pit bulls.” That makes it sound like the beasts will appear on Dancing With the Stars or visit some makeover show and come out looking like Chihuahuas. They do nip, after all—I’m not sure about the tucks. Don’t get me wrong: It’s sad that these dogs were exploited by Vick and his pals. But in some ways its even sadder (though hopefully less brutal) that the media now gets its shot.

—Posted by David Gianatasio