Michael J. Fox Ad Leads Crass Winners at Chip Shop Awards

(Note: The ad above was not approved by Canon.) The Chip Shop Awards are advertising's free-for-all award show. The work doesn't need to have run—in fact, the agencies don't even need to represent the clients they're advertising. It's basically one big piss-take. Here are two of the "winners" from yesterday's show in London—the Canon ad above with Michael J. Fox promoting a camera's image stabilization (best use of bad taste), and the ad below for a clinic's "vaginal tightening and reduction" featuring Piers Morgan and Justin Bieber (best use of shocking copy). Jury chairman Alfredo Marcantonio says: "The Chip Shop Awards are about execution of an idea in its purest form. We are currently in a climate where there are very few brave clients around. There is not much money around either so it is necessary to have a scheme like this where neither of these play a part." See all the winners here.