Mets fans have met the new theme song, and they don’t like what they hear

Their team may be sitting pretty atop the National League East, but that doesn’t mean fans of the New York Mets feel any affection for the team’s new theme song, an attempt at hip-hop which includes the Mets new, non-committal tagline: "The team. The time. The Mets." Local media outlets have been reporting that fans hate the song so much that its creators have been receiving death threats. While that seems a bit harsh, having listened to the song this morning, I have to admit it’s pretty awful. It’s a painfully transparent effort at making the less popular of New York’s two major-league teams—and one which has the reputation of being the team of the suburbs—somehow youthful and urban. And the (so-called) lyrics! "We get the hits. We score the runs." Or how about this bit of lyrical inspiration? "Carlos Delgado, he’s at first base." The song is made worse, of course, because the team’s original theme song, "Meet the Mets"—which debuted in 1963— is a kitschy, cult classic, including such politically incorrect lyrics as, "Bring the kiddies, bring the wife. Guaranteed to have the time of your life." (You can listen to an instrumental version, by Mets former organist Jane Jarvis, here.) One has to wonder if the Mets organization, too, has decided the song is a dud. First trumpeted in a press release in mid-April, by early May the team had announced it would hold a "Meet the Mets Sing-A-Long” during every home game this season.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor