Mercedes holds Twitter race for Super Bowl

Mercedes-Benz, which is advertising on the Super Bowl this year, is hoping to drive engagement with something called the “Tweet Race to the Big Game.” Beginning four days before the Feb. 6 game, four racing teams led by four celebrities (Serena Williams, Rev Run, Nick Swisher and Pete Wentz) will make their way to Cowboys Stadium outside Dallas from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Tampa in specially equipped Mercedes vehicles, competing in a series of challenges along the way. The winner isn’t who gets there first, but who gets the most points—determined in part by which team generates the most Twitter activity (what Mercedes is calling “Tweet Fuel”) along the way. Actually, there’s five celebrities, as @LenKendall, one of the Adweek 25, is on Swisher’s team. The teams are competing for a pair of 2012 C Class Coupes, so the stakes are high. Mercedes ad chief Steve Cannon says, “We think the combination of our advertising and the Twitter Race will create the type of ‘living’ advertisement that engages people in new ways.” Does it sound engaging to you?