Mentos plans official geyser video contest

Mentos The Mentos and Diet Coke story continues, with Mentos organizing an official geyser video contest, starting in mid-July. To get you up to speed if you live in a cave, tossing a few Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke causes a chemical reaction that shoots the soda gloriously several feet into the air, eliciting laughter and wonder. Two guys from Maine, dressed as scientists, demonstrated this in a bunch of a videos; hundreds of other people have since made their own videos and posted them online. In seizing this marketing opportunity, Mentos is “moving slowly for the current market conditions,” says B.L. Ochman, “but they are light years ahead of Coke.” (Coke has made it clear it isn’t interested in being associated with the “craziness” of Mentos.) It’s fun to see Mentos getting on board here, particularly given the difficult question that remains unanswered: What on earth is Mentos coated with that causes this kind of explosion? Via Random Culture.

—Posted by Tim Nudd