Mentos Erases Negative Tweets With Facebook App

But it isn't exactly a 'positive' experience

Mentos has partnered with The Martin Agency to create a Negative Tweet Eliminator app for Facebook. It isn't a bad idea, though it's executed in a way that ranges from "not fun" to "positively annoying." The app features "Dragee," a hippie moonbat stereotype (hey, it's a culture, not a costume) who floats around the sky eliminating recent tweets with negative words or hashtags. "Fail" and "#fml" are two examples of what he's clearing away. Too bad he couldn't use his magic touch to make that annoying music loop disappear. Since Twitter is basically an open forum for people to complain about their lives, actually using this app would leave you with nothing to read but spam and cat picture memes. How is that any better? Hat tip to PSFK.