Memorial Day Indecision? Try Travelocity’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Tweets

Click your picks to find a random getaway

Stumped for a last-minute Memorial Day getaway destination? Travelocity created a fun Twitter game that might be able to help.

Starting at this tweet, you can interact with the @RoamingGnome by clicking your answer to a series of choose-your-own adventure questions that ultimately generate a recommendation for one of 10 destinations.

Ever the lazy, cheap contrarian, I initially chose "Stay Home" and found myself staring into the gnome's "disappointed face." Those sad, presumably ceramic eyes will haunt my dreams. 

When I selected West, but nixed a Vegas gambling spree, the gnome grew a tad impatient and asked, "What WOULD make you squeal with joy?" Eventually my ideal #MemorialDayRoam was found to be Dallas, where I'm told "giant steaks await."

Wherever you end up roaming this weekend, hopefully you won't suffer the fate outlined in this week's other entertaining Twitter game and wake up in a rat-infested prison cell.

Via Adrants.