Memo to Fox on ‘O.C.’ finale

Here are some possible ideas for the series finale of The O.C., which Fox has axed after the show plummeted in the ratings this season. (The exit of breakout star Mischa Barton, whose character was killed off last year, was largely to blame.) OK, here we go: the cast members dress like real teens, in torn jeans and chunky heels; apologize for four seasons of promiscuity and deliver safe-sex lectures; disclose their actual ages and tape PSAs for the AARP; goad rage-management dropout Ryan Atwood into beating himself into a pulp; don highly unfashionable religious school uniforms and join Mischa Barton in hell—and since they’re already in Orange County, they won’t have far to go. (Note to Fox: That’s the pain talking—and my need to appear "hip" and above it all. Please say the cancellation is just a dream, like on Dallas way back when. I watch The O.C. every Thursday, and promise to remove this post if you’ll just reconsider.)

Posted by David Gianatasio