Meet the Voice of the Kool-Aid Man, Who Also Taught Madonna How to Sing

It's the multitalented Frank Simms

Professional voice acting seems to be a pretty fascinating career—or at least, it has been for Frank Simms, the voice of the Kool-Aid Man, among other brand characters. Simms's exploits have included stints doing background vocals for David Bowie, touring with Billy Joel and Carly Simon, and (as he explains in the video below) teaching Madonna how to sing. (He also won an Emmy in 2007 for his performance of the winning song "Q Without U" for the children's animated series Between the Lions on PBS Kids.) Simms also appears to be perpetually turned to 11, which is surely a plus when you're asked to perform as dozens of different people in a given week. Check out more of his advertising work on his YouTube page. Via Animal.