Meanwhile, in less-happy board-game news

If you thought Don’t Wake Daddy was about as disturbing as board games could get, think again. This list of controversial board games will probably make you cry. Some of them don’t even make sense. How fun can something called Serial Killer really be? Likewise, what’s the appeal of Public Assistance or Capital Punishment? And let’s not even go near Juden Raus (translation: Jews Out), an icky propaganda piece from Nazi Germany. The game shown here, Frischfleisch, which translates to Fresh Meat, asks players to “take control of a group of humans stranded on a deserted island” and “stay alive long enough to enjoy the rescue, whether that be through the consumption of fruit, animals or other humans.” That particular game has been put on ice, but of course questionable board game ideas still see the light of day. For example: Don’t Drop the Soap.

—Posted by David Kiefaber