McDonald’s seeking your epic McRib stories

McDonald's created this faux-heroic "Legends of McRib" video as part of a temporary reintroduction of the sandwich and a promotion that asks you to tell "your personal account of boneless pork history." (More specifically, it's seeking "a compelling story or adventure that best exemplifies the spirit and excitement a McRib fan feels, and that is conveyed in a submitted video that is a contestant's own original or fictional McRib story or adventure.") The clip attaches a sweeping mythology to the McRib, but its true history is more pedestrian. It was introduced in 1981 and taken off the menu four years later because no one outside the Midwest ate it. Yet McDonald's has been manufacturing interest in the damn thing ever since. After bringing it back in conjunction with the Flintstones movie, it simultaneously announced a McRib Farewell Tour and began a Save the McRib campaign. And it was an occasional menu item throughout the 2000s. This time, it's back until Dec. 5. Seems they plan to drag out this joke indefinitely.