McDonald’s Makes Green and Red Angry Birds Burgers, Just Makes People Angry

China stunt is tied to the movie

Time was, McDonald's put toys in their Happy Meals to promote movies. Now they just dye their burgers, we guess. McDonald's China is making chicken and pork sandwiches with special red and green buns in advance of the Angry Birds Movie, and they're hardly a welcoming sight.

Why, McDonalds? It's already weird that a movie about birds is being promoted with a chicken sandwich, but there's no way anyone would look at the "Naughty Green" burger (which frankly looks moldy) or "Angry Red" burger and want to eat either one.

If they're just trying to provoke internet chatter, fine, but the general response has been a mix of "That looks disgusting" and "I'm really glad they didn't try that here." So, that didn't go well for them, either.

On the other hand, if the goal was to set our expectations for how bad the movie's probably going to be, mission accomplished.

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