McDonald’s Built a Drive-Thru That Ludicrously Drives to You

Convenience that's even convenienter

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Sure, McDonald’s drive-thru’s are pretty convenient. You can swing by McDonald’s and pick up your food without even getting out of the car. But wouldn’t it be that much more convenient if you didn’t have to drive to McDonald’s in the first place?

In a goofy stunt recently, McDonald’s Brazil and ad agency DPZ&T built a mobile drive-thru truck that will drive to you instead—hyperbolically communicating the brand’s consistent accessibility.

OK, it’s essentially a food truck, which McDonald’s has been known to experiment with before. Still, it’s fun to see it tooling through town decked out like an actual drive-thru. (Just ignore the awful official name of the thing, the Drive-Thruck, which apparently is a portmanteau for drive-thru truck.)

“It was an irreverent way of reminding everyone that there is always a drive-thru along their way, and also anywhere in Brazil,” says Sergio Mugnaini, executive creative director at DPZ&T.

Thankfully, actual McDonald’s drive-thru’s still exist, if only to help parents of newborns get their sustenance without waking up the sleeping babes in their carseats.

Client: McDonald’s
Agency: DPZ&T
General Creative Director: Rafael Urenha
Executive Creative Directors: Sergio Mugnaini, Marcello Barcelos
Creative Director Daniel Motta
Creatives: Daniel Motta, Giampietro Zanon, Raphael Lucone, Thomaz Dantas, Bruno Landi, Vinicius Curi, André Leigo
Account team: Daniel Jotta, Eduardo Brunoro, Fabiana Sanches, Rafael Lopes and Amanda Laghi
Media: Paulo Ilha, Antonio Rodrigues, Amaury Magalhães, Bruno Sabor
Planning: Fernando Diniz, Rodrigo Santini, Fernanda Felicio
Approval: Roberto Gnypek, João Branco, Gabriel Ferrari and Eloisa Zerneri
RTV: Ducha Lopes, Karen Nakamura and Brunno Cunha
Producer: BossaNova Films
Directing: Chico & Mosca
Cinematographer: Pedro Mosca
Executive Producer: Sandra Othon
Editing: Gabriel Lampman
Final Artwork: Rodrigo Azambuja
Post Production: BossaNova
Soundtrack: Paulinho Corcione and Lucha Libre
Sound Producer: Lucha Libre Audio
Sound Final Artwork: Lucha Libre
Executive/Account: Vanessa Wallner and Dani Celer

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.