McDonald's Billboard, Made With Reflective Tape, Lit Up by Headlights at Night

What could possibly go wrong?

You're tired, hungry, barreling along a dank, fog-shrouded Vancouver highway at 3 a.m. (We'll assume you took a wrong turn at Seattle.) Your tires screech as you round a corner, headlights slicing through the gloom, when suddenly, out of the swirling mist, a ghostly message appears: "Open all night," along with the McDonald's arches. It's a billboard made with reflective tape, visible only when illuminated by headlights in the darkness, created by ad agency Cossette. Of course, you have no way of knowing that as—gasping at the blazing letters, momentarily dazzled by their otherworldly brilliance—you lose control of the wheel, crash through the guardrail and wind up overturned in an icy ditch. As the jaws of life tear you free from the wreckage, you choke out your last words: "Quarter Pounder … with cheese." (Kidding, of course. I do not mean to seriously suggest that this McDonald's ad could cause accidents. Though about an hour after filling up on that greasy glop, I do personally tend to crash.)