McDonald’s Billboard With Heat-Sensitive Paneling Doles Out McFlurries in Super Hot Weather

Very cool outdoor

Heat-sick Dutchmen rejoice! McDonald's in the Netherlands teamed up with outdoor ad company JCDecaux to create a billboard with heat-sensitive paneling that contained 100 free McFlurry cups. When it gets too hot outside, the panel opens, and people can take a cup to redeem for a free McFlurry.

Not sure how this even qualifies as a billboard, really. If anything, it's more like a vending machine. I do love the hubris of McDonald's challenging the sun, though (as implied in the video for this thing).

Unfortunately, the temperature has to be 101.48°F for it to open, which seems unfairly high for this kind of promotion, unless Dutch summers are more brutal than I've been told. I live in Maryland, where even the low 90s feels like death thanks to the crushing humidity.

If it ever got hot enough down here to trigger a free McFlurry, I wouldn't be able to accept it because I would be a puddle of sweat and curse words by then. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.