McDonald’s woos those tough Swedes

MacoIf ever there were a difficult market for McDonald’s, it is Sweden. The mega McRestaurant is planning to make big changes worldwide, but first it must get past its toughest critic in Western Europe. According to this story, the Swedes have high standards and are pretty finicky about their McFood. Shaun Herbert, managing director of DDB Stockholm, is in charge of the McDonald’s rebranding program. He says, “If you can win over Swedish consumers, then you stand a good chance of being able to do so anywhere.” In an attempt to impress the Swedes, McDonald’s plans to establish a “modern image” in its restaurants, with a café section with leather armchairs. The Swedish market also demands lower-fat offerings, and its menu will have an overhaul. A visit to the Swedish McDonald’s Web site shows that the Big Mac is called El Maco and looks like it’s got a Mexican bandito image.

—Posted by Celeste Ward