Maybe it’s the viewers who are from outer space

MeteorOne of the better spots currently airing is the one in which a Toyota Tacoma survives a direct hit by a meteor. Or appears to. The funny thing about spots like these, if they’re done well, is the ensuing debate online about whether the action is real or not. “It seems very unlikely that a large meteorite/fireball could score almost a direct hit on a film crew without making it into the news,” a guy named Richard W. writes on “On the other hand, if you wanted to fake a video of a meteorite almost hitting a pickup truck, then being a professional film crew such as the one apparently making the film would probably be a good start.” But OptimusSHR is not convinced. “The meteor looks fake when it’s coming down IMO. But it’s still possible it happened and no one reported it,” he or she writes. Finally, Brad from Georgia sets everyone straight: “Somehow that looks like a truck commercial to me.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd