MasterCard jar spot knows I am a sexist pig

I didn't see it coming. A guy is seen trying to open a jar of pickles, as the MasterCard announcer talks about automatically paid gym memberships. I was thinking, "Boy, he's got to get off automatic bill pay, as he's clearly not going to the gym!" And then, "But what can you do at the gym to build finger muscles?" But I was not in a million years thinking a woman would appear and open the pickle jar for him. Leading to the punch line: "Finally convincing your boyfriend he should go [to the gym] with you: Priceless." It's rare to turn on the TV and suddenly be made aware, particularly by a commercial, of your own appalling gender bias. (This particular spot is from the early '00s, but has been resurrected.) I had been told for so long that women need men to open jars for them that it didn't even seem possible that a woman could do it. I'd even been told to let men open jars because it makes them feel more manly. When my husband is home, I don't even try to open jars. I just call out, "Honey, come be a man." Because I am a horrible sexist pig. So, well done, McCann Erickson, you surprised me with my own inherent sexism, and I liked it.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers