Marshawn Lynch Went to Houston, Scotland, Instead of Houston, Texas, for Skittles’ Super Bowl Campaign

He did make a lot of friends, though

They play a very different kind of football in Scotland. But Marshawn Lynch seemed to make friends there anyway when he visited recently as part of Skittles’ Super Bowl campaign.

The retired Super Bowl champion, who has been doing offbeat Skittles ads for years (he’s a longtime vocal fan of the candies), went to visit the town of Houston in the west central Lowlands of Scotland. The Super Bowl is being played in the more familiar Houston—which provides the hook for Lynch to hang with the locals, learn to bagpipes and more.

This explains the recent sightings of Beast Mode in the area.

The video above shows Lynch’s antics on his little vacation. It’s amusing, even if not putting him in a kilt was clearly a missed opportunity. It also fits well with Lynch’s other Skittles pranks over the years, like the time he popped up on a home-shopping channel to sell you 36 packs of Skittles for $14.86.

Olson Engage was the lead agency and collaborated with AKA Media and DDB Chicago on the video.

Separately, Skittles will air this 30-second spot on the Super Bowl, from agency adam&eveDDB.

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