Marmite Spokescritters Have Had Their Fill of Haute Cuisine

I've always thought the word Marmite sounds vaguely Biblical. Go-eth ye not into the land of the Marmites, sayeth the Lord! In fact, it's a thick, yeast-based food paste that's especially popular in Britain. DDB's new campaign for the goop features an animated frog and snail, named Geoff and Dave, who speak with heavy British accents that might prove incomprehensible to the average American. That's because the critters are meant to embody a working-class disdain for haute cuisine as they dish out zingers about pretentious food. Marmite and recipes made thereof are presented as preferable alternatives for those who "Hate Cuisine." (Hate is old hat for this brand. Owing to its strong, salty  and polarizing taste, Marmite has long used "Love It or Hate It" as a marketing slogan.) With such a high sodium content, drizzling Marmite on snails would probably kill them. Sounds like a fun way to the pass the time between plates of Escargots à la Bourguignonne.