Marmite Celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee With Ma’amite

'One either loves it or one hates it'

Marmite, that classic spreadable black paste on which every British child is raised—and which everyone but the British seems to despise—is marking Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee with a special limited-edition Ma'amite jar branded with a Union Jack. The advertising, by DDB U.K., humorously stars the Queen's corgi, seen alternately intrigued and repelled by the stuff in a regal print ad, to match the brand's longtime slogan, "Love it or hate it," recast in Queen-speak here as "One either loves it or one hates it." The TV spot, below, goes even further, with the corgi demonstrating his displeasure by pissing on the pot. "We wanted to create a campaign that not only remained true to the Marmite brand but also communicated its very British sense of humor," says Nicola Waymark, marketing manager for Unilever U.K. "2012 is a big year for Britain, and with Marmite celebrating its 110th anniversary in the same year as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, we felt it was important to mark the occasion."