A marketing line any movie would enjoy

It’s almost Oscar time, which for the lucky few means a license to print vast constellations of bolded stars alongside BEST whatever in their ads. One entry for best foreign language film comes hyped with its own money shot: Days of Glory, aka Indigènes. Rachid Bouchareb’s war pic about Africans fighting for France against the Nazis gets to gloat that it made French president Jacques Chirac chuck a half-century-old policy of bilking “native” veterans of their pensions. Not that U.S. moviegoers could give a merde. (What movie could resist a line like: “At the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, one film was so powerful it changed the course of history.”) They’re waiting for the next Star Wars—and all the frenzy-feeding of star wars it’s bound to touch off.

—Posted by Laura Blum