Man Puts Up Billboards All Over L.A. Telling Celebrities to Stop Getting Divorced

Tired of the bad example

Upset about his daughter's divorce, and convinced she was influenced by the stellar example our celebrities are setting in that regard, J. Robert Butler bought some billboards.

The founder and president of the Society for the Prevention of Celebrity Divorce decided to use his own money to collectively wag his finger at Hollywood. And actually, the headlines aren't bad.

"Dear Hollywood. When you consciously uncouple, millions unconsciously uncouple too" takes a direct swipe at the Paltrow-Martin split. "Dear Hollywood. Divorce is a shame, not a reality show" could be talking to any of the 22 couples who have divorced after appearing on reality shows. And "Dear Hollywood. Please remember marriage is a commitment, not a sponsorship opportunity" is just good, self-righteous fun.

The boards are up around Los Angeles, and on buses. But even Butler wonders if they'll do any good. "Will they have the desired effect and inspire celebrity couples to stay together?" he asks over at "We pray they will, because the price of renting billboard space is high … but not nearly as devastatingly high as the price of losing a marriage."