Man Behind Insane ‘Buy My Volvo’ Ad Is Back With an Equally Preposterous Sequel

In the market for a 'cavernous twerk'?

Is there a better auto advertising copywriter—and by better, I mean more completely, awesomely batshit—than Christoffer Castor?

You will remember the Swedish art director from his "Buy My Volvo" spot last month, which has surpassed 1.5 million YouTube views and is almost certainly the most insane used-car classified ad ever put to video.

Castor seems to be emboldened by the clip's success, as he has now released the sequel below. And he's moved on from old clunkers and is advertising a flashier Volvo—the V60 Sportswagon R-Design T6 AWD. Worry not—he hasn't lost his touch for peculiar prose. If anything, the copywriting on this one is even more enjoyably ludicrous.

And by the way, if you really liked the 1993 245GL from the previous video, you're in luck. He still hasn't sold it. Which actually makes him a terrible adman, but never mind.

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