Makers of the Squatty Potty on Your Bathroom Habits: You're Doing It Wrong

Allow this enlightening ad to explain

This "educational video" about the Squatty Potty, which is basically a step stool (ha!) that corrects your toilet posture (tagline: "Healthy colon. Happy life"), feels more like an expertly done PowerPoint than a real ad. It's also full of correlation/causation fallacies, but there's a whole team of scientists at Stanford who study this sort of thing, and apparently they signed off on it. That's great, and I'm glad someone is interested in the long-term health of my colon. But something approximating the Squatty Potty is so easy to find in your own home that I'm surprised they decided to actually make one. Plus, what modern adult wants to use anything with "potty" in the name?