Make a Bunch of Vrooming and Squealing Car Noises, and VW Will Turn It Into a Video

Golf R's fun virtual test drive

Volkswagen wants you to feel like a kid again.

A new campaign from the automaker and agency Deutsch LA cleverly invites you to create your own virtual test drive of a Golf R—by making car noises into your computer.

"Unleash Your Rrr" lets you record video of yourself imitating revving engines and squealing brakes—then analyzes the audio to string together clips into a personalized video of the VW model in action, racing down a track or drifting through turns.

Professional driver Tanner Foust performed the stunts, and also stars in one of two excellent teaser vids—in which he delivers some killer sounds, and perfectly sums up the experience at the end, with a slightly horrified, "Good God." While his facial contortions are nothing to sneeze at, actor Michael Winslow (aka, the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects) blows Foust out of the water with priceless looks and bottomless panache.

In short, it's an exceptionally fun and simple idea. Head over to for more samples, or to create your own—so long as you're willing to forever and completely grant VW rights to the footage of you puckering up while you say "Vroom."

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