Major League Baseball logos, best to worst


I agree with ESPN’s Jim Caple: Major League Baseball logos aren’t much fun these days. Of the 30 team marks (the official logos, not the cap insignias), Caple judges the New York Mets’ orange stitching across a blue Manhattan skyline as the best. He notes that the white bridge symbolizes the five boroughs. (That could be, but to do so accurately, it would have to be jammed with SUVs and have squeegee guys in Army jackets stationed at either end.) His pick for worst logo—the much-maligned, cartoonish Native American mascot of the lowly Cleveland Indians—earns my vote as the best. Sure, it’s offensive—but outrageously and memorably so! It really sticks in your brain, unlike, say, the boring, hyper-nationalistic Liberty Bell of the Philadelphia Phillies (damn them for stealing Cliff Lee from the Yankees!). Besides, the crimson-faced Cleveland Injun’s toothy grin looks downright embarrassed and apologetic, as if he’s praying no one clobbers him with a Louisville Slugger. Tribe fans look like that after a few beers anyway, regardless of ethnic origins. Of course, as profits from sponsorships grow increasingly lucrative, ultimately it’s the logos of these organizations that matter most to the league.