Macallan Whisky Adorns Bottles With Annie Leibovitz Photos

Limited series of 1,000 shockingly priced

"Limited-edition whisky bottles labeled with Annie Leibovitz's photos." When I first read that headline on PSFK, about a promotion by Macallan whisky, my initial thought was: Putting pictures of Annie Leibovitz on bottles won't sell whisky. Ha! I crack myself up. Of course, Leibovitz isn't in the photos—she just took them. Which won't sell whisky, either. It's part of some foolishness called "Masters of Photography," and the images on these oh-so-special bottles depict various moods and aspects of … New York City. Pretty creative, huh? Actually, the most creative part of the whole thing is the price tag for one of the 1,000 bottles being produced: $2,750! Now that's the kind of beverage obesity Mike Bloomberg should ban. Oh, there's a making-of video below. You can watch it, but really, I can't image why.

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