Lonzo Ball Trolls His Famously Overbearing Dad in Foot Locker’s Ad for Father’s Day

LaVar Ball has always been outspoken

The top draft pick pokes fun at pops in the new spot. YouTube: Foot Locker
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Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the men who gave us life, toasting their accomplishments while roasting them a bit for their very human failings.

This is especially true if you’re Lonzo Ball, a former UCLA star and All-America Team member who will be one of this year’s top NBA draft picks. His dad is LaVar Ball, a former football player now famous for managing his three sons and making controversial comments. Over the past year, he’s become something of a sports media supervillain, earning headlines for badmouthing everyone from Steph Curry to LeBron James, who had to warn him to “keep my family out of your mouth.”

Foot Locker’s newest ad gives Lonzo some space to gently poke fun at his dad, and its running joke proves all the more effective for placing him alongside other prospects whose fathers aren’t quite as infamous as his own.

Even viewers unfamiliar with LaVar’s antics can appreciate the abrupt shift from Lonzo’s litany of complaints to Duke vet Jayson Tatum’s “We went fishing a lot” finale.

The ad will air live during the NBA Draft on June 22, but it’s already gotten quite a bit of attention.

“The NBA Draft is a milestone I’ve been working toward for a long time and it’s exciting to celebrate it with a Foot Locker commercial,” said Ball in the press release. “It’s been a big year for my family, and I know we’re just getting started. My dad and I both love the humor of the spot and I’m glad I got to have a little fun around the topic before going to the league.”

Since Foot Locker wisely didn’t give LaVar a chance to weigh in on this spot by BBDO New York, we’ll just have to take his son’s word for it.

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