This London Bar Serves Drinks in the Form of a Liquor Cloud You Breathe In

Step right in to Alcoholic Architecture

If "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" taught me anything, it's that getting loaded from strange fumes is probably unhealthy, but possibly lucrative. British food design firm Bompas & Parr evidently learned the same thing, because its latest zany bar gimmick is a place called Alcoholic Architecture, where the signature cocktail is an atomized cloud of liquor that you drink by breathing.

What would you charge for that, I wonder?

Anyway, the booze cloud is made up of a 1-to-3 ratio of spirits to mixers, and special protective suits are required to protect your mucus membranes from overexposure to it. This all sounds (and is) incredibly unsafe, but openly taunting death is a hallmark of debauched London hedonism.

"One of the frustrations of doing things like flooding buildings with booze that people have to boat across before drinking it is that they are so short lived," Sam Bompas told Fast Company. "We always wanted to open a bar, and Alcoholic Architecture is the bar from our wildest fantasies, made into reality."

The bar's other drinks and spirits are more traditional, taking their theme from an old monastery neighboring the bar, although they do serve Buckfast, which is the Scottish version of 4 Loko. I wonder if Bompas and Parr have been to the Heart Attack Grill. Something tells me they'd like it. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.