Loki’s Not Feeling the Love From Those AT&T Kids

Even in parody, campaign's still pretty cute

Spoofing AT&T's popular "It's Not Complicated" spots, Tom Hiddleston stars as his film character Loki, the villainous adoptive sibling of Thor, in this fun Comedy Central clip touting today's release of Thor: The Dark World.

Hiddleston asks a bunch of kids who they think is a better superhero, Thor or Loki? The youngsters all yell out "Thor!" One girl makes a compelling, well-reasoned case that Thor rocks because he knocks bad guys over with his hammer. Hiddleston then makes the point that you don't need a hammer to knock over people, especially young children. 

Boo, Loki! Pick on someone your own size. Like Beck Bennett, the star of AT&T's actual campaign. It's about time somebody took that dude down a peg.

The video's tallied more than 3.5 million YouTube views this week, making it quite the promotional, um, marvel.