Liz Phair brand keeps sinking

Liz2A few months ago, we posted an item about Liz Phair’s then-upcoming album, and wondered what it would do for her as a brand. Well, the album, Somebody’s Miracle, comes out tomorrow—and if a withering review from Pitchfork is to be believed, it won’t help her much. If Liz’s last album was New Coke (Pitchfork gave it a 0.0 on a scale of 1 to 10), then it seems, with the new record, that she may have lost whatever carbonation she still had. “Now this is a terrible Liz Phair record,” the review reads. “Somebody’s Miracle is mostly generic pap that any number of next-big-has-beens could have cranked out, a useless piece of plastic poking a pointy heel in the eye of the carcass of the artist Liz once was. … In hindsight, the 0.0 bomb was wasted on that album, because it’s much better than Somebody’s Miracle.” Humorously enough, Pitchfork actually gives this record a 2.0. Maybe they feel sorry for her.

—Posted by Tim Nudd