Living off the land … in the lap of luxury

This campaign from Cultivator Advertising & Design touts Red Ledges, a luxury real estate community in Heber City, Utah. The ads (see the full version of this one here) target well-to-do types who might be in the market for second homes—complete with golf courses, tennis facilities, horseplay (of the equestrian type) and other amenities most of us can’t afford. The dwellings aren’t actually built yet, so the ads use scenic photography to show prospective buyers the vistas that will be spoiled when they are. In light of the current real-estate crisis, an even more disturbing image springs to mind: the newly homeless camped beneath the sky, meadow grass for pillows and quilts of leaves for warmth. Of course, I’m being silly—that’ll never happen. Right? The rich are easy targets. I apologize and wish Red Ledges all the best. Tennis anyone?

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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